Congratulations On Successful Shipping Of First Excavator To European Market

Release Date:2020.02.25


In the beginning of new year, the first unit SE220 excavator was shipped to European market successfully.

Since the learning of the bidding information in the last November, the Pan-Russian Business Department completed the close communication and elaborate preparations on the details, including product specification, configuration, and lead-time, with S Company. At the opening of the bidding in the beginning of the last December, the Pan-Russian Business Unit won the bidding with the advantages of optimal price and shortest delivery time to make a good start in 2020.

Since the economic crisis in 2013, the European market has been in depression for years. In 2019, Shantui re-established close cooperation relationship with S Company. The successful cooperation in the field of loader between two parties enabled Shantui brand to rank the first place in the European market and realize significant breakthroughs.